Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AARP and Dr. Oz - 24 hours to a longer life (yup,,,,,yoga!)

Dr. Oz, writes an excellent article again and is featured in the AARP magazine this month. Not surprizing is his reference to yoga.

Here is a summary of the article. See it all at:

Dr Oz's 24 hours to a longer life.  Reduce stress, help prevent heart disease and cancer, even look younger--in just one day!

I hope you had a good night's sleep, because we're starting early.  I begin each day witha seven-minute yoga-inspired exercise routine.  By the time you're 50, your heart has beaten about 2 billion times--a lot of wear and tear.  Yoga can repair some of the damage by helping lower your heart rate.  It also relaxes your blood vessels and reduces stress, which is especially important as you begin the day.  (One recent study found there are 36 percent more heart attacks on Mondays--just when people are heading back to work--than there are are on Sundays.) So start your day with yoga or a light exercise routine.

  • Eat Breakfast, Look Younger
  • Snack on Berries, Help Stave Off Cancer
  • Take a Walk, Build Muscle
  • Eat Fish for Dinner, Boost Your Brain Health
  • Hit the Sack Early, Reset Your Internal Clock

7 Minute Dr. Oz and Joel Harper Workout
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You don't have to bend like a pretzel to do Yoga

You don't have to bend like a pretzel to do Yoga
You don't have to bend like a pretzel to do Yoga!